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Emily Pike the face behind White Siren Solutions

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look at my website and finding out a little more about me and my business! I am a Devon girl who can never be too far away from the water, in fact even when I trained to be a teacher many years ago and took my first job in Essex I lived only a stones throw from the sea. There must be salt water running through these veins!

So how did this all start?

I set up White Siren Solutions after being approached by a national business. What a compliment, they had seen the online marketing work that I had been doing for our family business, loved it, wanted similar for themselves and so White Siren Solutions was born out of a businesses need for social media management. 

It was also born out of an ingrained belief of supporting people, educating people and watching them thrive (once a teacher always a teacher maybe?) I am mostly known for being exceptionally patient and for drawing my ideas and notes in elaborate doodle style pictures with a fountain pen!

What makes me different?

I have a  vision for freelance work and freelance services that gives people confidence so that one day they wont need me anymore. One day they will be able to take over from me and grow their own business. I take pride in watching people and businesses develop their skills. You can see from my wonderful testimonials that my clients have done just that and they feel great about it. They find the confidence to make changes to their own websites and create a wonderful social media feeds after working with me to enhance their skills. 

Tell me more...... 

Essentially, I am here to provide a service that will see you and your business succeed. To assist with your online marketing in a way that makes sense to you and your business. If that means being responsible for your social media marketing then brilliant, if it means writing your newsletters then ace, if it means getting you online and showing you how to take that further then amazing.............

Let's work together on your small businesses.

Life and work Before White Siren Solutions


A background in Education, management and leadership

I started my career as a teacher before very quickly being recognised for my management and leadership skills. I quickly became a respected middle leader and part of strategic leadership teams. 

I taught a variety of different subject areas, was responsible for departments and the development and integration of multi faceted initiatives. 

A strong manager and leader my experience allows me to be pragmatic and supportive, mentoring people to strengthen their own skills.

Holiday Letting

White Siren Solutions experience in the luxury holiday letting industry.

The self catering holiday industry is broad. I diversified my management experience by working for a leading luxury holiday lettings agency. A diverse role in the company led me to develop my skills in SEO, website design, sales, marketing and social media. 

I planned, managed and evaluated a variety of aspects of the company including Quality Control, owner accounts, planning of new properties, photography and content writing.

I have helped set up visually attractive and successful websites and integrated services that attract thousands of potential guests every day. 

Marine Industry


Working closely with businesses in the marine industry including distributors, engineers and customers has provided the opportunity to expand my understanding of the industry and products. 

I have assisted with the expansions of businesses, the strategic planning for expansion, and the marketing including websites, SEO, social media and sourcing of products. 

I have been customer facing at International Boat Shows and local boat shows which has allowed me to network and make connections within the industry. 

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