Latest Clients

A Star Leotards

Marketing for small to medium sized businesses to support current marketing teams.

A Star Leotards are a UK manufacturer of gymnastics, dance and trampolining leotards and leisure wear. 

Supporting the business on a freelance basis I will be working closely with the marketing and sales teams to expand their current marketing and advertising. Social media and email marketing will be a key part of the role as well as google ads and exploring new and additional marketing techniques to expand their current database of clients. 

Old Porch House Salcombe

Bespoke holiday property websites built using an excellent, trusted provider.

A recently refurbished holiday property in Salcombe needed a clean and responsive website to forward to friends and family and at a later date guests looking for family accommodation in the South Hams.

The website looks great on a mobile device as over 80% of holiday accommodation bookings are made on a mobile. The owners have the capabilities for a complete holiday property management system using this platform making the administration a piece of cake.  

Here is a taste of my freelance services with my latest clients

Chilcott's Barn


An in depth knowledge of the self catering holiday industry allows us to produce high performing websites that are SEO optimised, contain key words, quality content and are visually appealing. Chilcott's Barn in Somerset asked for a website that sold the essence of their luxury holiday accommodation and I worked with the owner from conception of ideas to full training given to allow the owner to manage the website themselves including social media platforms, blog writing and SEO. White Siren Solutions provides on going after support when needed including technical web support and content writing.

Tohatsu UK


White Siren Solutions has spent the last few years supporting businesses in the marine industry. Growing an online presence, social media marketing campaign and expansion of the current businesses I have been fully immersed in the UK Marine Industry. 

White Siren Solutions is proud to support the UK division of a global engine manufacturer with the roll out of their global re branding and development of a long lasting marine social media campaign across multiple platforms and multi agencies. Engaging my freelance services through my social media management package has meant they have expert support when and where they need it.

POSH of Devon

POSH of Devon, bridal shop in Tiverton, Devon. Our Facbook revamp package for enhancing your reach

POSH of Devon a bridal shop in Mid Devon was looking for an advertising revamp. 

We are currently working with them to refresh their image, expand their reach and develop their shop. 

White Siren Solutions has completed a Facebook revamp package for them providing a selection of Facebook posts, ideas and a series of graphics to boost their engagement and advertising reach. 

I will be working with them over the next few months to implement a variety of other projects that will really see them become a force to be reckoned with and a 'go to' bridal destination in Devon. 

After a few months the shop took on a larger and more visible presence in Somerset where they are adding to their lines and developing their footfall and online aspects of their business. 

Phoenix Grills

Phoenix Grills, content writing services by White Siren Solutions

I recently worked with Phoenix Grills a brand new start up company looking for support to get online and visible before their upcoming UK launch.

The team at Phoenix Grills  contacted White Siren Solutions to assist them with their first website and create a visually attractive basis for creating an online shop in the future. A great project for White Siren Solutions as the product is high end, luxury but practical. The years writing content for a luxury website lent itself to this task. 

All set to grow I have ensured that the Phoenix Grills team have the knowledge and understanding to be able to develop this website over the next few months. 

I was asked to assist them with the marketing process throughout the summer months involving social media, product promotion and brand awareness. This ensured their grills were seen by a wider audience and gave the Phoenix Grills team time to develop their own skills in these areas.

Construction Project Management SW


The soon to be revealed website for Construction Project Management SW will be the first online presence that this company has ever had!

With over 40 years experience it was time to get online and promote the business digitally. A shift towards a younger business owner or decision maker means the company needs to be visible online and not rely on word of mouth for new enquiries and business. The website will focus on the services the company offers and their impeccable feedback from past and current clients.  

Lucy Alexander

Education and training in SEO, social media and online marketing.

Hugely talented and on the brink of a successful writing career Lucy Alexander contacted me to assist her with her learning. 

With so much to say, to write and do she wanted to up-skill her use of ICT and communications to polish her brand. 

I work with Lucy Alexander weekly on selected topics and objectives including her online communications and the general skills needed to help her become more streamlined in her approach to writing. We have started to develop her understanding and skills by becoming 'public' on social media and blogging. Cultivating her tone of voice and brand so she becomes a household name.

We are following the White Siren Solutions 'Hands On' approach and education and training is leading our sessions. Regular evaluations of knowledge is undertaken to assess progress. 

I see Lucy Alexander grow in confidence week on week and look forward to celebrating her success very soon!