Our small business help is the key to your success

Starting a start up

Small business services in Devon and Cornwall

We know just how daunting running a small business can be. The time it takes to realise your ideas, setting up the necessary websites, social media pages and trying to do something that you love. It just isn't for everyone. That is where White Siren Solutions comes in. 

We offer a helping hand...........

If you are looking for help designing your brand - we can help!

If you don't know where to start with your website - we can help!

If the thought of content writing fills you with fear - we can help!

If you haven't got time for social media - we can help!

Our one-stop-shop to help you......

Copy writing services for Devon and the South West - White Siren Solutions

We offer a one-stop-shop to helping you by freeing up your time so you can get on with doing something that you love. We don't just set it all up though, if you want us to maintain your website pages for you then we can plan a long term programme to ensure that your website is continually updating, creating new content that google recognises on searches. 

Many people don't realise that a website needs new and unique content on a regular basis. We have experience in content writing including Search Engine Optimisation and can create unique content that your readers will love. 

Are you having difficulties with your website?

Freelance website help, non agency. White Siren Solutions supporting Devon businesses

We can design and create websites that reflect the image you are aiming to portray, we have contacts with photographers that can make your business come to life. We regularly work with these photographers on projects and have seen an increase in traffic and sales through careful planning of photo shoots and use of photos on websites. 

We have an understanding of a variety of different website builders. 

We can help you build your website from scratch, help you update the website or help you set it up in a supportive way so you can easily manage it yourself!

Struggling with Social Media marketing?

Social media marketing Devon, Cornwall and Somerset

Our social media service is second to none. We can set up and show you how to use social media. Start you off, if you want, or run your social media pages including advertising on a long term basis. We also offer a training service so that you could do this yourself!

We can advise you on social media advertising and help you to set this up so you know exactly what to do and who to reach. 

We have the experience of email marketing and can provide you with the skills and content to help you reach the right people.